Coffin Gems® "The Gothic Tiffany's"

Coffin Gems® started  in 1995 based on Mordaunte's life-long love of Halloween and all things "horror", specifically the 60's-70's British Hammer studio films.

The gemstones became very popular with customers so she added the jewelry line. Starting with just 3 colors, the business has now grown to 17 colors, all cut from semi-precious materials to bring out the highest level of color and sparkle. 

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All of the designs (pendants, rings, earrings, tie tacks and lapel pins) are done in USA Grade .925 sterling silver.

Stone Materials by Color:
Garnet: Blood
Onyx: Death
Peridot: Mold
Amethyst: Shroud
Topaz: Mist, Smoke, Embers, Rubicund, Moss
Sapphire: Ghost, Pentacle, Flesh, Samhain
Spinel: Scalded, Phantom, Gravestone, Livid

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