This is our FAQ area for customers to find more information & see answers from previous customer questions ~

Q:  Do you ship to my country?  

A:  Yes, we ship to all other countries.  In fact, we just added a 1st class postage option (along with our priority option) to make shipping more affordable for our international customers!

Q:  Can you get gold?  

A:  I can get quite a few different materials if you read the "New Metal Offerings" blog!  Please see the listing in the add-on section of the shop to purchase it.   

Q:  Do you offer other ring sizes than those listed?

A:  Yes.  We can get any size you need.  While in a ring listing, choose "Sizing" from the Size drop-down.  You can state the size you need in the note/comment section upon checkout.  

Q:  Why did you change setting styles?  I liked the old one! 

A:  The answer is two-fold.  I wanted to further differentiate Coffin Gems from other people out there selling their coffin-like gemstones.  The settings I had been using were cookie-cutter that anyone could get. The second reason is that I could make designer settings that are sturdier and with a complimentary design that is unique to Coffin Gems.  Additionally the silver content is both heavier and better quality.  I wanted my customers to have a much better product!    

Q:  I heard you had layaway!  What do I need to do?

A:  Yes, we do!  Please see the blog post "Layaway - Process and Policies" for more information and how to set up a layaway.  

Q:  I want to sell your jewelry, do you offer wholesale pricing?

A:  While I can sell the gemstones themselves for crafty people to incorporate into their designs at a wholesale price ($1,000 min order); due to labor costs, the finished jewelry is not available for wholesale sales. 

Q: What materials do you use in your designs?

A:  All of our designs are created using Sterling Silver (.925 USA grade). We use genuine stone materials in our designs such as sapphire, spinel, corundum, and topaz. Some of these are heat-treated to bring out the vibrant colors that you see. We only choose materials that have a Mohs scale hardness factor of 7.0 or better for beauty and durability.

Q:  I love your stuff!  Can I get some for free in exchange for modeling it?

A:  We appreciate your enthusiasm!  However, we have a models/customers who have worked with us for many years, knowing nearly as much about Coffin Gems® as we do!    

Q:  I emailed/messaged you 30 minutes ago.  Why haven't you answered?

A:  Coffin Gems® essentually runs a "business hours" operation.  We try to keep hours Monday - Friday from 9a-5p CST.  Your question may be delayed outside of those hours, on weekends and holidays.  We do the best we can to answer your question as quickly as possible.  

Q:  Can I upgrade a previous piece of jewelry or stone that I have?

A:   While we would like to do that, it is not possible for many reasons; some of them being health issues, recasting settings, fitting variations, damages to your jewelry piece/stone, etc. In the long run, it is far more economical to purchase the new design that you want rather than remake one!