We use genuine stone materials in our designs such as onyx, quartz, spinel, corundum, sapphire corundum and topaz. Some of these are heat-treated to bring out the vibrant colors that you see. Corundum is what mother nature made natural gems from! 

We only choose materials that have a Mohs scale hardness factor of 7.0 or better for beauty and durability. 

Our materials vary from batch to batch, depending on what is available in our quantities at the time of purchase. Rest assured that you will receive a high-quality stone that will sparkle for a lifetime of wear.  


All of my sterling settings are USA grade sterling silver (.925).  All of my gold settings are 10k gold.  The web page link below should answer any further questions you have, as well as clear up a lot of misconceptions, regarding the regulations governing precious metals in the USA.