We listened to our customers and will have some new and exciting things coming throughout 2019!   

  • Metal Stamping

Currently our metals are not stamped; however, they are guaranteed by our casting company in Chicago.  To alleviate customer worries (though not legally bound to do so according to the link below that we posted last year), we have taken great strides to bring you what you asked for.  By mid-year, we will be stamping all of our designs with the metal name and content.  To take it even a step further, there will be a CG insignia placed next to the metal stamp, so you know it's a true Coffin Gems® product!


All of my sterling settings are USA grade sterling silver (.925).  All of my gold settings are 10k gold.  Casting House in Chicago, Ill is my exclusive settings designer/caster for all of my sterling silver and gold designs.  This web page should answer any further questions you have as well as clear up a lot of misconceptions regarding the regulations governing precious metals in the USA.   


  • Low Profile Ring

Many of you voiced a request for a lower sitting stone ring.  We are engaged in working with our gemologist and casting company to hopefully bring you a new "lower profile" ring design by mid-year.  Will it be Bezel, Prong, Channel or Tension set?  Something else?  We will let you know...

  • New Stone Size with Earring and Ring Design

We are in the final process to bring a brand new stone size with earring and ring designs to you in early 2019.  

Our Facebook and Instagram accounts will advise you of the rollout of these (and any) new items!  Stay Tuned!